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Elephants help Joplin

1 Jun


Boycott the Kansas City Star

30 May

If you live in Kansas City, I know you’re laughing at me.

You all stopped reading this newspaper years ago, didn’t you?

I know you did.

I’m the only person I know that still reads it.

I even subscribed for a period of time.  My neighbors made fun of me.

And, it didn’t take long to find out getting The Kansas City Star delivered came in handy if I wanted to be reminded of news I had all ready read online 12 hours ago or if I wanted to feel good about putting something in my recycling bin.

It’s a joke.

A disappointment.

The biggest disappointment for me came when I read it this Sunday.

They ran a special four-page section about the tornado in Joplin.

I glanced over it even though I feel I’ve all ready read or heard everything about the tragedy.

I found myself impressed with the photography and they had a section about how the path of the tornado went through the town that was very interesting.

And then, along side the information about the aftermath, there is a small side article with the title “A Note From the Star’s Staff.”

This interested me because I assumed it would be first-hand accounts from reporters that had been in Joplin.

When I scanned the article my eyes counted three mentions of the Kansas City Star’s website–in bold, hard-to-miss type.

That’s odd.

The first paragraph of the article spoke to how the staff sends “condolences to those directly affected and our deep appreciation to everyone trying to help.”


Next paragraph,

“We also want to thank you, our readers, for making The Star’s website, Kansas City.com, your 24-hour-a-day home for breaking news.  Since last Sunday, the site has served more than 10 million page views to more than 1.5 millon visitors.  On Wednesday alone, as storms threatened the Kansas City area and struck Sedalia, MO., we had more local visitors to KansasCity.com in a single day than ever before.”




Does anyone else find this disgusting?

Let me summarize in case you missed it.

They are saying:

Sorry, Joplin.  Bad for you but GREAT for us!  Yea us!  Because of your tragedy and let’s not forget Sedalia’s near tragedy–shout out to Sedalia!–our website is blowing-the-hell up!  Holla!  Big thank you to Joplin and Sedalia!  Believe us when we say we couldn’t have done it with out you!

That’s what it sounds like to me anyway.

I don’t even know what’s more disappointing,

–the fact that they check their site stats

–the fact they pat themselves on the back in their own paper

–or the fact they pat themselves on the back while riding the coat tails of tragedy

It’s gross and I don’t want any part of it.

Little advice to The Star.  If you’re getting that many hits, stop embarrassing yourself by printing a newspaper.  I would respect you more if you were just a news website.

It’s time to face it.

That’s all you are.


Update:  Before anyone suspects, I’m not responsible for this.

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